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Hurricane Jimena lashed the Baja Peninsula between August 31 and Sept 2, 2009 and affected multiple communities across the central peninsula. Below you will find links to photos of the aftermath as well as links to organizations that are helping in the relief effort. For more information about the storm, see Jimena Aftermath.

If you haven't already donated to the relief effort, please consider giving generously to one or more of the organizations listed below. Monetary donations will continue to be needed for an extended period, and will allow agencies to provide not only the basic necessities (food, clothing, etc), but grants to help with rebuilding communities, especially in isolated areas and those less visited by tourists.

If, like many, you haven't seen much about the Hurricane in your newspapers or other news sources, write a letter to the editor. Those of us who travel to and/or live in Mexico need to spread the word about the effects of the hurricane on our adopted communities and families.

NEW: Mulegé is up and running. See Mulegé Rebirth for our latest report on the town and services. (updated Oct 20)

Read reports from the various organizations involved in relief efforts.

Read about upcoming events where there will be a chance to donate items to the relief effort.

DISCLAIMER: This site is for informational purposes only. If you wish to volunteer for, or donate to, any of the organizations listed here, please contact them directly, not LasEcomujeres. Thanks!


Jimena´s Legacy (some corrections Oct 26 - another page coming soon) Photos of our trip to the Mulegé area with emphasis on the effects on the desert. Ya en español

Mulegé Rebirth (updated Oct 20)

KXLY Spokane video news specials about Baja Bush Pilots' relief:
Sep 16 - Video | Text
Sep 22 - Video | Text
Sep 23
- Video | Text
Sep 24
- Video | Text
Sep 25
- Video | Text

Puerto Lopez Mateos
(Alicia Malone) Relief help needed urgently (added Oct 19)

Ciudad Constitución
(Alejandro - link from Baja Pony Express)

San Carlos, Sonora
(What's Up San Carlos) - scroll down to find photos and videos

Santa Rosalía (or Cape Region?) wash out
(just a few via Baja Pony Express)

(Martín Miranda Yee)

Mulegé updates (thanks CasaManzana!)

(Carlos Milón) updated Oct 16

Central Mulegé
(self-animated slide show from Rick Barber)

Orchard & Oasis
(self-animated slide show from Rick Barber)

Punta Chivato

Playa Burro, Río Mulegé before and after
(Geary Ritchie)

Posada Concepción
(Casa Christie)

Santa Rosalía
(Pescador Jim)

Santa Rosalia

Santa Rosalia
(at BajaQuest; slideshow)

Mulegé Storm video

Video Municipio de Comundú
(spanish language news clip)

Lopez Mateos (Bill Erhardt on BajaNomads)

Cape Region (?) wash out

(just a few via Baja Pony Express)

(recent update Oct 26, 7:50 pm PDT)

On the ground reports seem to indicate that the crisis stage of the disaster in many communities is slowly passing and that the focus is now beginning to turn to plans for on-going cleanup and rebuilding.

See below for organizations that are still involved in both immediate and long-term relief efforts.

Click here to see a list of suggested items for donation as well as items that you might take with you when you travel to Baja, whether to donate or clean up your own disaster area.

López Mateos Area Help Needed (added Oct 19)

López Mateos is still in need of much help. Check out the excellent new website and make a donation by either:

1. Sending a check made out to "The Flying Samaritans" to:

The Flying Samaritans
P. O. Box 6804
Chandler, AZ 85246

On the check note "Lopez Mateos Jimena Reconstruction". Include your contact information if you'd like a receipt for tax purposes.

2. Or make a Paypal transfer to PayPal account:


Please include any special instructions and/or contact info in the PayPal comment. They will confirm receipt and/or any other followup info via that contact info. Note that since this account does not go through the Flying Samaritans, they cannot issue an official receipt for tax purposes.

Mulegé Area Donations Update (Sep 19)

It has been suggested that all funds for long-term recovery for the Mulegé region (includes town and outlying ranches) be directed to the the Mulegé Rotary Club which has a long history of such work in the community. Read more about this here.

The Mulegé Student Scholarship Program will continue to accept donations on behalf of the Rotary Club through their Paypal account.

  • Click here for detailed directions and a direct link to Paypal.

  • or send a check to:

    Mulegé Student Scholarship Program
    1284 Vintage Way
    Auburn, CA 95603

Donations can also be made directly to the Rotary Club. Click here for directions.

Read the latest on-the-ground update for Mulegé from Mike at MSSP. (Sep 14)

Read Carlos Milón´s daily updates (English translation) about on-going needs and progress being made in Mulegé.

Can your company or organization help with overland transportation of non-airplane friendly cargo? Many of the donations delivered to Baja Bush Pilots are items too heavy to be transported by small plane. Please stay tuned for information on how you might be able to help.

Help the Grupo Tortuguero sea turtle conservationists from Puerto Lopez Mateos, Bahia Magdalena and Puerto San Carlos who sustained major damage to their homes. Read more, then donate to Propeninsula.

The Baja Bush Pilots have been doing an incredible job with the material donations that they have been receiving. Read an update of their mission. Please considering making a finanacial donation to help in the effort. Click here for the latest information on drop sites and items needed.

Cash donations can be made

  • by credit card: 714-453-9997
  • or by check:
    (payable to Baja Bush Pilots and with memo "Hurricane Jimena"

    Baja Bush Pilots
    149 W Boston
    Chandler, AZ 85225

Info email:findsiri@yahoo.com or you can send a U2U on the BajaNomads forum.

NORRA (National Off Road Racing Association) and Baja.net have both stepped up and are collecting items in conjunction with the Baja Bush Pilots airlift. See this NORRA page for information on their "Rally for Relief" and this page for updated locations of their San Diego drop site.

International Community Foundation (ICF) is up and running in conjunction with Mexican Red Cross and Baja Bush Pilots. As of this update (Oct 19) they have raised $$41,393.50.

Red Cross Mexico. They have already delivered much initial help but are looking for donations of goods and cash. Please contact Luis Ramirez for more information. See above under ICF for secure online donations .

Donations can also be made to American Red Cross. Designate that your funds go to Hurricane Jimena Relief. As of this page update, their website only allows you to designate money go to a general international relief fund and not specifically to Jimena relief.

Call 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or 1-800-257-7575 (Spanish) or mail your donation, to the American Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, DC 20013.

Other Sites to Watch

The BajaNomads website has a number of forums where people can find current information and where relief agencies are posting updates.

The Log of SV SolMate has some information and reports on Jimena and assistance, especially in Sonora state. Once there, click on "Sept 2009" under "Monthly" to read various postings. Oct 19 Note: The original page with all the website links has disappeared and can't be found.

Long term efforts:

Visit Baja California and more specifically, the areas affected by the hurricane. Spending your tourist dollars there will help to support the local economy. Bring your friends and relatives too. It could be many months before any kind of services are available so keep up with the current status of your destination.

Baja gets cold in winter. If you are making a trip later in the year, bring warm clothing to donate.

Do you know and care about a Mexican family who was affected? Consider "adopting" them. Find out what they specifically need and see how you can help them achieve their goals.

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