Environmental Education Series Course Materials
ISSI - Intensive Spanish Summer Institute

(Most materials and resource links have been updated for 2016)

Environmental Education seriesFor a week each August, Lake Tahoe Community College hosts ISSI, the Intensive Spanish Summer Institute. Students of all language levels spend a week studying grammar and conversational Spanish. Additional "breakout sessions" allow students to learn about a wide variety of cultural aspects and history of Spanish speaking countries. In 2008, in the first science and ecology oriented sessions to be offered, Debra introduced ISSI to Baja's sea turtles and friendly whales. She followed up in 2009 with a week-long environmental education series that continues as part of the annual program.

Links to English & Spanish language class materials can be found below. Each section contains a main topic page with links to the handout, presentation, and resource materials for that topic. Words on the main page have links to the vocabulary list.

Plans for the main page to be available in Spanish are underway. Links that are inactive represent pages that are under construction.

Conserving the PeninsulaConserving the Peninsula provides information on the various governmental and public sector programs and activities by which the peninsula is being protected. Vocabulary List.



Sonoran DesertThe Sonoran Desert introduces the thriving plants and animals of this major ecoregion of the peninsula. Vocabulary List



Sea TurtlesSea Turtles discusses the five species that visit or reside in Baja California's waters or nest on its beaches and the efforts underway to protect these endangered reptiles. Vocabulary List. Watch three short videos of release of turtle hatchlings in Baja California Sur.



Cave Paintings & CowboysCave Paintings & Cowboys highlights the world renowned prehistoric cave art of the peninsula as well as takes a look at the lives of the rancheros who live near these remote sites. Cave Paintings Vocabulary Listand Cowboys Vocabulary List



Friendly WhalesBaja's Friendly Whales visits the shallow lagoons where California Gray Whales give birth and mate while at the southernmost point of their yearly 6000 mile migration. Vocabulary List