Vocabulary - Baja California's Cowboys
Vocabulario - Los Vaqueros de Baja California
bit (or bridle) freno m
campfire fogata f
camping place campamento m
corrals corrales mpl
cowboy vaquero m,
dammed-up section of arroyo or clay soil depression represo m
desert or countryside monte m
dismount (to get down) bajarse
donkey burro m, burra f
female mule & male mule mula f, & macho m
firewood leña f
flat mountain top mesa f
goat chivo(a) mf
headstall cabezada f f
herder, wrangler arriero
livestock ganado m
mountainside, or a level bench or ridge in a canyon ancón o faldeo m
natural “holding tank” in an arroyo tinaja f
natural spring, or upwelling in a riverbed ojo de agua m
old style leather pack “frame” aparejo m
orchard,  or vegetable garden huerta f
pack animal animal de carga m
pack box java f
pack frame burriquete m
peak picacho m
place to contain animals (box canyon or mesa) potrero m
plain llano m
pool of water (fem); well (masc.) poza f; pozo m
ranch or a small community of ranch families rancho m
reins rienda f
ride on (horse, mule, donkey) montar a (caballo, mula, burro)
saddle montura f
smooth rock banks usually in riverbed (slickrock) tepetates mpl
steep empinada f
steep downhill descent; also an alluvial fan bajada f
steep trail or road up or downhill, a grade cuesta f
stirrup estribo m
stone or cement holding tank for irrigation pila f
top of a ridge or a “saddle” cumbre f
trail (road too) camino de herradura m, camino m
volcano, volcánico volcán m, volcanic adj
watercourse with or without water arroyo m