What's new at Las EcomujeresAre you interested in the Baja California peninsula? Want to learn about its natural wonders? Concerned about the environment and social justice? Las Ecomujeres is a source for bilingual natural history and environmental information for everyone, whether you are new to the peninsula or an old-timer, an interested admirer or, like us, passionate about understanding and preserving this wonderful place.

Green sea turtle

The Natural History section has lots of information about the peninsula's wild side and its slightly tamer cultural history, as well as educational materials and links to more resources. (Some pages under construction)

Meloncoyote logo

Meloncoyote is a regional environmental news magazine, covering issues in northwest Mexico. It is a product of Journalism to Raise Environmental Awareness (abbreviated PECE in Spanish), an independent communications project founded in 1994 with support of the MacArthur Foundation. All issues now available in Spanish and English.

Baja Plants is for plant lovers, you amateurs or professionals out there who want to explore the amazingly rich botanical diversity of the peninsula. (New pages added with each new field trip we make).

Milapa, AC

Visit the site of Milapá, A.C., a non-profit in Guerrero Negro, formed by descendents of the indigenous Cochimí tribe of Baja California Sur.


Conservation addresses current issues in resource conservation and provides information about private groups and public agencies involved in conservation.

ISSI Conservation Series

Students of ISSI (Lake Tahoe Community College's Intensive Spanish Summer Institute) can find links to class material for the "Environmental Education Series: Baja California" here. Current topics include: Conservation issues in Baja, The Sonoran Desert, Sea Turtles, Gray Whales, Cave Paintings/Art and Cowboy culture.